Past Retreats

Saturday, 17 June,2017
t/m Sunday, 25 June,2017
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The Northern side of Ibiza is so laidback with her remote finca’s and campo (rural) life. Little beaches and forest are allways around and we know where to go for the most magical vibes. This retreat is designed to open … Continue reading
Friday, 3 March,2017
t/m Sunday, 5 March,2017
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Sisters in Silence is een stilte weekend in Drenthe van 3-5 maart 2016.  For English, see below De magie van het leven ligt in de stilte besloten. Omdat het moeilijk is om stil te worden in je eigen omgeving, faciliteer … Continue reading
Thursday, 6 October,2016
t/m Sunday, 16 October,2016
all day
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logo Mystical IndiaJoin us on a trip to some of India’s most amazing spiritual places. We will practice yoga and meditation on the banks of the sacred Ganges, as yogi’s have done for thousands of years. We’ll meet with sadhu’s, visit ancient temples, meditate in sacred Himalayan caves and dive deep into the wonders of Yogic India—most of them off the beaten tourist track. We will explore the main schools of yoga (hatha, karma, jnana and bhakti), and discuss the relevance of yoga in our own life. Continue reading
Sunday, 18 September,2016
t/m Monday, 26 September,2016
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More info: Molino del Rey Sep 2014
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Yoga Lifestyle is about living in flow with nature     This week is an invitation to live a healthy lifestyle, in sync with nature and your natural rhythm. You will find out how the 5 elements are the building stones … Continue reading