Retreats inspired by Yoga & Nature

We organize yoga retreats on the most beautiful spots in nature; preferably in eco-resorts or places with a lot of care and attention for the environment and biologic/dynamic food.

The  5 ELEMENTS and YOGA as a guideline for a natural, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, are the red line throughout our retreats. We translate everything into easy tips & tricks for daily life. During the retreats we put a lot of love and care in the program. We usually work with yoga, meditation, silence, massage, dance, ritual and creativity.

Molino del Rey Sep 2014















Saturday, 17 June,2017
t/m Sunday, 25 June,2017
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The Northern side of Ibiza is so laidback with her remote finca’s and campo (rural) life. Little beaches and forest are allways around and we know where to go for the most magical vibes. This retreat is designed to open … Continue reading
Thursday, 5 October,2017
t/m Sunday, 15 October,2017
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For English see below Mystical India is een 10-daagse pelgrimstocht; op weg naar de roots van yoga, meditatie, mantra en rituelen. En vooral: de relevantie ervan voor je dagelijkse leven. Een onbeschrijfelijk mooie reis die ook mij als organisator iedere jaar weer zoveel inspiratie en … Continue reading