I am: Joyce Bosch

What makes me happy: being together with family & friends, deep conversations & connections, sharing from the heart, getting goosebumps, feeling the sun tickling on my skin, laughter, a warm hug, enjoying small things that life has to offer and to to feel alive.

My specialty is: taking you on an adventure through your mind, heart and body. Waking up your life energy. Trust yourself into my hands for session in Thai Yoga Massage, Therapeutic Flying, Partner Yoga, Body De-armouring, the Chair Massage and a Relaxing Oil Massage. At Enjoy(ce)! you can expect intense experiences in pleasure, relaxation, body awareness and healing.

My motto is: Enjoy(ce)! Life to the fullest…

My website is: www.enjoy-ce.com

You can reach me through: joyce@enjoy-ce.com and 06-41255029.